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Eudio App


NAME: Zara
AGE: 25
CONTACT: [ profile] werepuppy
CHARACTERS PLAYED: Kamala Khan, Buffy Summers


NAME: Merida
CANON: Once Upon a Time
AGE: 24/25
CANON POINT: End of episode 5.09 "The Bear King"

BACKGROUND: A wild wiki link appears
INCENTIVE: Merida's incentive for coming to Eudio would be to allow her some time to learn how to rule without putting her people at risk from her making what should be an obvious mistake. She learned much from watching her Father, and seeing bad rulers, but she still feels as if she's got so much more to learn and not enough time to learn it. She needs to rule now, not in the future, and if she wants to be a good ruler, she needs to know what to do and what not to do. Just some time to learn, that's all she asks.

FIT: Merida is very much a people type of person, and tends to make friends easily. True, she doesn't suffer fools easily and has a quick temper but at the same time she's a very open and friendly sort. You could be fighting with her one minute, and then fast friends the next. Merida doesn't appear to have a hang up with relationships themselves - it's being forced into marriage before she was ready that was always the big problem, as well as being made to marry someone she didn't care for. She wants the time to get to know people, and make decisions from there.

CONSENT: If there is one thing Merida understands greatly, it is how aeful it feels to be pushed into doing something that you really don't want to do. While the terminology will be new to her, she understands perfectly the idea of consent, and knows that you don't push people to do something they don't want to do. Whether this is as simple as marriage - something which she was being forced into until her Mother changed tradition - or battle - as her Father lost his life in a battle, but doing so proved to his men that this was a battle worthy of fighting. A true leader will not force their people into doing anything, Merida understands this. What is true in the professional life is also true in the personal.

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